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newbie questions about ai damage and player's SPI


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ok, so I'm just getting into lua scripting (I haven't done much programming for a LONG time and that was in "dead" languages like Assembly) So far, I've learned some cool things to enhance mission building but there are a few items I haven't figured out. Is it possible to:


1) dynamically change ai damage? (I know I can use Unit.getLife() to gather info but can I change the life value?)


2) get coordinate information from player/client's SPI? (example: gather vec2/vec3 information from the SPI to use for other purposes)


postscript: (one more) When an ai plane/helicopter lands and the crew pops out onto the ground next to the aircraft, are these separate units (can't find them on the unit list) or are they just an animation of the original unit? (and if so, can they be turned off?)


thanks for any feedback

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