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AI weapon selection and ROE? Are they worse than before?

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I've been playing lately the su25t campaign; the default one. And i've noticed that as of lately (at least i dont remember being like this in the first iterations of DCS world), that although my su25t wingman -excellent- still is godly at identifying and detecting targets from several kms away, when i order him to engage air defenses or ground units he is superbly stupid now.


Instead of using their standoff weapons such as kh-29t, Vikhr or even kh58u and Kh25 mpu when i change the default load-out, he keeps going straight to the target, killing one with a vikhr and then changing to guns for a second target. Obviusly, this behaviour always ends the same way, he is destroyed in the first or second run, either by a manpads or by AAA.


The thing is that i remember the AI being much more intelligent before, staying out of AAA and manpads range until run out of standoff missiles. Is this being looked at? It is only a case for the free su25t and if i go to my A10c module my wingman will be much more intelligent by itself? (I'm not talking when i specifically tell him which weapon to use). It is a pitty cause other than that and some occasional poor mission design, i'm really enjoying OB 2.5 after a 2.5 years away from DCS.



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