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help with runtimes

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C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\{50A2BC33-C9CD-3BF1-A8FF-53C10A0B183C}v14.0.24215\packages\vcRuntimeMinimum_amd64\


I get this or ones very similar nearly all the time, tried for ages to remedy, all runtimes are already installed, but they are never found.

I always just cancel and all still runs fine, but its a pain really, thinking I need to delete a registry key somewhere?

this was all fine till I tried the creators update a while ago, didn't like it so whent back, THEN beloved Microsoft insisted I had to the creators update, as win 10 versions were not going to be supported.

any ideas to correct this? oh I haven't an AMD processor?

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amd64 is the architecture of your OS

you could try un-installing the runtimes and then reboot and run the installer as admin ?

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ya tried that, for example its even on repair dcs it tries to install runtimes at the end which I have to cancel, as even directing to a file does not work, its as if the update to creators has corrupted something.

to be fair everything/game /program works as it should, so its like a bug of sorts, just dam annoying

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Trash your win10 and redo it, you will be quicker in doing it that way than trying to find that problem.


Backup your files, prepare a USB stick with the newest 10 directly from MS and start over.


Install your drivers, patch the OS, install or copy/paste DCS folder, run a clean + repair and try again.


I had such an error years back, I think 2013, with 1 of my laptops and DCS. Tried it all, in the end nothing helped but a fresh win7 back then.


Shit happens


edit: you could try a new user account ( admin privileges ) and see if that helps, if not, see above

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