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TM WARTHOG Throttle calibration issue

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Hi all,

I just installed the ab detent mod from shapeway and it is great but, im fighting a bit for the calibration.

After using TM calibration tool i removed the 83% saturation and the range was fine with the hornet. After the yesterday update, don't know why but had to use saturation again. I will now try with custom curves.

My big issue is that the two throttle seem to be not in sync. I keep having one engine 1 rpm above the other and the hornet keep rolling slowly. So slowly that even a little touch of trim makes it go into the opposite directions.

Any suggestions?

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AFAIK, slight performance differences are part of the model.


They say that in the real jet, a percentage mismatch of RPMs is normal even when the throttles are physically aligned because the engines are not "clones" and each will have its own idiosyncrasies and I guess ED have modeled this in the Sim.



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