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Odd Jumpiness in VR


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Im having Issues in VR where everything is vibrating in the HMD. Tried everything I can think of on my end including my overclock settings. I'll attach a video.



Here is a link to video

"You should fly a fighter aircraft one inch from out of control at all times in a purposeful way" -Willie Driscoll USN (ret)



The State Military (CVW-17)





F-14B BuNo 161435


CAPT J. "Bowser" Mayse


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What HMD are you using? System specs?

My controls & seat


Main controls: , BRD-N v4 Flightstick (Kreml C5 controller), TM Warthog Throttle (Kreml F3 controller), BRD-F2 Restyling Bf-109 Pedals w. damper, TrackIR5, Gametrix KW-908 (integrated into RAV4 seat)

Stick grips:

Thrustmaster Warthog

Thrustmaster Cougar (x2)

Thrustmaster F-16 FLCS



Standby controls:

BRD-M2 Mi-8 Pedals (Ruddermaster controller)

BRD-N v3 Flightstick w. exch. grip upgrade (Kreml C5 controller)

Thrustmaster Cougar Throttle

Pilot seat



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