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  1. Seen this too. Especially with multiple human players. No track sorry.
  2. Buy the WO I flightsim of he WO II competitor as he states on his forum post about Necksaver
  3. This applies to all the new modules. The Hind has the same problem.
  4. Yes I do to but only in mp. No idea what is causing it. I believe it has something to do with easy comms enabled. Your own settings do not seem to matter.
  5. I give it a go @Miguel21 Thanks for your efforts.
  6. Hallo @Miguel21, Just played the first mission. Task is to bomb strategic targets at Bandar-E-Jask. Wingman and the other flight of F-16's did not attack the target. This wiht GBU-10's. Mission can be downloaded https://www.dropbox.com/s/4l870zusk2gzzal/Crisis in PG-Falcon_first.miz?dl=0 It is to big otherwise.
  7. Hey @Miguel21 after updating the scriptmod I got the following error: Update: solved by reinstalling the campaign.
  8. You are correct. Had some issues due to operator error. Have correct version now. If I'll notice something again I will post.
  9. Hey @Miguel21, I started a new campaing Crisis in PG with falcon. On first mision (included) my wingmen did not attack with command 'complete and rejoin'. Didn't rejoin either so prob DCS's excellent AI at work. Still mayby of interest to you guys. Crisis in PG-Falcon_first.miz
  10. @3DArtistExtreme I play almost exclusivly in VR so I have a standard 1920x1080 monitor.
  11. No go for me. The gunsight is way to the right and low. With the exeption of your OpenXR settings I followed your instructions.
  12. Great work. I will give it a try with my Index and report. Will be a while though.
  13. +1 I had the same experience. My RIO had to disable flap axis for HIS pilot setup.
  14. @MAXsenna I do not get everything you said but the misunderstanding might lay in the VSPX. I do not use it so I need to pauze and wait for the beep. That would also explain @AtomicMysteryWeaselconfusion. If he has VSPX activated there would be no beep now but VSPX is relatively new and it may not have been there last time he used VAICOM.
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