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Russian Voice Actors Required for Campaign


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I'm looking for some voice actors for an upcoming campaign (and hopefully series of) that I plan to sell through the DCS Store although it's still in the early days.


I need 5 individuals that can speak Russian and English to voice characters in the campaign for both Russian and English versions of it. The campaign will be 10 missions in length and one of the roles will be performing around 80% of the content as the player's wingman.


I'm investigating how I can compensate any participants at this time, but I'm working on providing a free copy of the completed campaign for each actor, and a DCS module of their choice to the main actor. As this is my first campaign and I have no idea on the potential sales value, the number of copies that it would likely sell, or how to deal with taxation implications of providing any other method of compensation before going through the full process and submitting it to ED for sale.


If you're willing to help, please PM me and let me know. The first 3 missions of the campaign are complete and just need the voice acting added prior to submitting them to ED for evaluation prior to working on the remainder and figuring out the financials!


No experience necessary, no real requirements other than being able to speak both languages ideally and understand the context of what you are saying (excited, bored, funny, etc.)


Most missions will only have between 1 and 5 short lines for each actor, although as mentioned the primary actor has 20 lines in the first mission.



Intel i9-9900KF @5.2GHz

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Pimax Vision 8K Plus / Oculus Rift CV1 / HTC Vive

Gametrix JetSeat with SimShaker

Windows 10 64 Bit Home Edition



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