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Where have the WW2 servers gone ?


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Can't find any available when I go Multiplayer ?

I'm on Open beta but today even installed Stable to check if it was different, but still no WW2 servers available ?




There should be three most of the time in the open beta branch:



1. Burning Skies (dogfight, realism)

2. Storm of War (historical missions, realism)

3. RAF 662 (dogfight, easy settings)

On YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/philstylenz

Storm of War WW2 server website: https://stormofwar.net/


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The Buddyspike team has announced that the Case Blue server (BlueFlag in WW2) will return soon too.

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DCS Panavia Tornado (IDS) really needs to be a thing!


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