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A problem with reference points


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In order make landing on a roadbase easier I thought I would add manual reference points, pointing to the roadbase, to the mission. As in the ground crew example mission provided by RagnarDa, I use an initial point for this.


Now the weird thing is that, when doing several missions in a row, each with one or more initial points, the list of initial points keeps growing!


So suppose you have an initial point in mission 1: 42:15:59 42:39:12, and in mission 2 you have: 43:05:27 40:44:42.


Now start DCS and fire up mission 1. In the kneeboard you will see a reference point 9201 with coordinates 42:15:59 42:39:12, all ok!


Then you finish this mission and load mission 2, go to the kneeboard and lo and behold. There are now two reference points:

9201: 42:15:59 42:39:12 <= this is the reference point of mission 1

9202: 43:05:27 40:44:42 <= this should have been the only one

So the reference point is there, it is not named 9201, but 9202 instead. If you execute more missions, the list keeps growing and growing.


Executing mission 2 after a fresh DCS start gives the expected result:

9201: 43:05:27 40:44:42


For mission making it is important that you can predict the ID of the reference point, so you can refer to it in the mission description. It would be great if this can be fixed!

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