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Tacview 1.7.4 is available


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Tacview 1.7.4 is available


Download: HERE

  • Release Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2018
  • Operating System: Windows® 32-bit / 64-bit
  • File Size: 262.6 MB


Behold the new trimming tool! With it, you can now select and keep only the most relevant part of your last flight. Share smaller files with your friends and enjoy debriefings which go right to the point!


This version also brings the long-awaited C# SDK for Tacview Enterprise customers. With an API which is virtually identical to the Lua and C++ ones, it is now possible to quickly develop powerful addons for Tacview.


Dedicated to BMS pilots: Thanks to Olivier Beaumont aka “Red Dog”, Tacview now offers by default the maps of the most popular BMS battlefields. No more fussing with download and configuration files, enjoy right away more comfortable debriefings over Korea, ITO, Aegean and the Balkans. To reduce the installer size, I have not included all the possible maps, so just let me know if you think that I have missed an important theater map which should be in Tacview by default.


As usual, this version brings a few fixes as well as some optimizations in the telemetry manager. Check the release notes for more details.


Release notes



  • Added brand new C# SDK to develop addons (Tacview Enterprise)
  • Integrated BMS VFR maps from Olivier Beaumont aka Red Dog (http://www.combatsimchecklist.net/)
  • Added a tool to trim telemetry data before and after current point in time
  • It is now possible to remove objects from the telemetry data
  • Optimized the telemetry manager: file loading is now 15% faster



  • Fixed minor bugs in Lua and C++ APIs
  • Only valid DLL add-ons are now added to the Add-ons menu (secondary DLL are now ignored)
  • Tacview does not crash anymore when trying to load a DLL addon with invalid dependencies



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I really LOVE your tool, Vyrtuoz :smartass: :).



Thank you so much for your continuous effort and improving this masterpiece and indispensable tool.



All the very best.

Edited by NevSmith
English is NOT my mother tongue.
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