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[Help] Getting to work my callbacks


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Hey guys, I am just done with it and I need help if somebody has a bit of time.


I have read DCS World\API\DCS_ControlAPI.html file in order to implement the onSimulationFrame callback function and others. That's what I am trying.


This is my VERY basic code, it's in a file named TestingCallbacks.lua and located in C:\Users\Maxi\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\Hooks:


local myCallbackTable= {}


function myCallbackTable.onSimulationStart()

env.info("Calling onSimulationStart...")



function myCallbackTable.onSimulationFrame()

env.info("Calling onSimulationFrame...")




So far I got no message log in Dcs.log file located in ..\dcs\logs\dcs.log

I tried installing working scripts like SLmod-witchcraft-SimpleRadioStandalone-Tacview and all of them are working. Reading all their source code wasn't of much help sadly and 7 hours later I am just done.


The testbed mission consists of one SU25t available as 'Client', not player, not AI.


The plane is turned off, at the ramp start.


I suspect I have to do something with Export.lua but I have no clue really.


Sometimes I get an error in the log that says 'attempt to index global 'DCS' (a nil value)', so I suspect I am not reaching DCS really.


My intention: Creating a simple client-server with my external C++ app using sockets, so i can get data in and out of DCS.


If I write the env.info, outside the function callbacks, the env.infois called fine, so the file is recognized by the sim I guess.


Feel free to ask me anything or whatever.

Any help will be very welcome and thanks!

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I found something interesting here:





Take the file and put it in the servers - C:\Users\<computer name>\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\

File has to end with GameGUI.lua (case sensitive)"


After that, it worked for me! (but not callbacks, not yet)


Thx xcom if you read this :)

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