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I can tune the radio, but it is difficult. What am I missing?


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Flying the M2000-C Red Flag Campaign, first mission. I have to tune the radio.


Easy Comms are OFF, as per campaign introduction instructions.


I CAN tune the radio, but with extreme difficulty. I am flying in VR with clickable cockpit. I look at the switch I want to operate, and push a button to manipulate the switch. I find I have to use VR zoom to read the numbers, which are tiny. It often takes many attempts to manually switch a number in the frequency readout on the radio management panel.


Is there an easier way than zooming in and clicking on the tiny numbers a dozen times to tweak this?



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That's good news. I was worried if I had to do it each mission, it would be a serious immersion-breaker. I can easily manipulate the channel knobs, but those little numbers are a real pain.


I have learned there is a sweet spot above and below each number, offset just a bit to the left. Finding that spot (by trial and error) helps, but it's still difficult.


Without VR, it is pretty easy. The resolution is so fine that you can change them in a snap. But for some reason, VR is like having big virtual fingers, and it is difficult to hit the right spot without also hitting another, or missing everything altogether.


To fix this, there would have to be:


-A keybind which allows you to manually change the frequency with your keyboard.

-A "thinner" VR pointer.

-A pop-up window that shows an enlarged radio panel. (Not that this is Microsoft FSX... LOL)


So far, it's an enjoyable campaign!


Thank you DCS, Razbam, Baltic Dragon, & et. al.!

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