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I am having the same problems. After the latest updates, nothing is being recorded in the logbook section-- total flight time, shoot-downs, etc. The data collection option is checked in both versions. Also there is no debriefing after each instant mission. Any suggestions?

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Intel i9 10900K (OC to 5.3), 32 GB Fury 3200 MHz, GeFORCE RTX 2080 Ti (OC), NVMe KIOIXA 1.8 TB, Toshiba 1.8 TB (7200), Killer E3000 2.5 GB Ethernet, Realtek 7.1 Sound w/ Logitech 560, Alienware keyboard/mouse, HP Reverb 2, and Thrustmaster Warthog (FA-18C).  Use DCS 2.8 with no mods.

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