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v2.5.3.23225 - FC3 do not respect Immortality(On) Advanced Waypoint Action


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  • The immortality enabled setting in the Advanced Waypoint Actions is not being respected by any FC3 aircraft. Please see attached mission to quickly test this issue.


Steps to Reproduce:


  1. Load the attached mission "Immortality_Bug_Test.miz" in Mission Editor
  2. Confirm that Immortality(On) is set for all fixed wing aircraft
  3. Start mission and select any non-FC3 aircraft. Ex. AV-8B
  4. Fly aircraft straight into the ground and confirm aircraft is NOT destroyed
  5. Choose slot and select a FC3 aircraft. Ex. F-15C
  6. Fly FC3 aircraft straight into the ground
    • Expected Results: FC3 aircraft should NOT be destroyed since Immortality setting is On
    • Actual Results: FC3 aircraft is destroyed despite the Immortality(On) setting


See below YouTube video demonstration of issue and comparison against other aircraft:


*note* the above YouTube video was created before I knew this affected all FC3 aircraft and not just the F-15C


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