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[REPORTED]Blinding Laser Beams!


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So I play a lot on the DDCS multiplayer server, and it often ends with the last 45 minutes at night. Well knowing this I equip my NVGs and start flying. Eveything seems to be working fine until all of a sudden I'm blinded by a laser beam shooting across the ground.


I have not been able to ascertain exactly what is causing this, but everyone else in the server can see it too. My guess is it has something to do with JTAC lasers, although I have seen them working correctly at the same time these beams were visible. At times there are multiple beams shooting across the land. You can even fly through them and they are two dimensional. Also at some ranges they disappear until you zoom in.


These beams make doing anything within their vicinity near impossible with NVGs on. I have some screen shots but am not sure how to post them. I hope ED can get this fixed soon.


Edit: Here are the screens.









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So I was playing online today and I turned my marker laser on. Then shortly there after hit escape and went back to spectators. I loaded into a new slot and I could see my previous laser mark with these blinding beams. I then did this again to confirm and I could see my second mark with a beam.


So it seems that if you change slots while the marker laser is on or perhaps die (I did not test that part) that the spot you were pointing at on the ground will have a laser beam emanating from it.


The beams themselves seem to all emanate in the same direction no matter the orientation of your aircraft when you re-slot. However the origin on the ground from where they emanate is the exact spot you were marking.


Here is a screenshot I took while playing MP on PG today.



This has been a long standing issues in DCS and I hope that it can be acknowledged and fixed as it makes using NVGs almost pointless at times.

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