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Need help with my setup!


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So I decided to jump into flight sim after being away for a long time, I bought some TM Gear, and I've been struggling with the setup, I'm also making it more complicated by adding Helios into the equation, so is there any one with matching gear that can save me some time setting this shit up by giving me his profiles/settings? or let me know where to look for info?


my gear set is:

*TM Warthog Joystick/Throttle

*TM TPR Peddals

*TM Cougar MFD

*21.5" touch screen

*Trackir with pro clip


my PC:

Intel i7-6950x

GTX 1080 ti


DCS world:





any help appreciated :)

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Depends what module specifically you want to use. General advice on my end is:


Use the TARGET script editor with all devices excluded except the throttle.

Borrow some TARGET scripts and edit as needed one script per plane, learning isn't hard.

Set TrackIR for a straight line response in yaw/pitch just sensitive enough to be able to turn +-180 in yaw; dip notches are annoying.

In the case of A-10C don't use TARGET and bind the trim hat to trim instead of look around since TiR.


Here's a Ka-50 script to get you started. You still have to bind things in DCS but it flavors the output to something which works well for me.

include "target.tmh"

int main()
   Configure(&HCougar, MODE_EXCLUDED);                     //Throttle Only
   Configure(&Joystick, MODE_EXCLUDED);
   Configure(&T16000, MODE_EXCLUDED);
   Configure(&LMFD, MODE_EXCLUDED);
   Configure(&RMFD, MODE_EXCLUDED);

   if(Init(&EventHandle)) return 1;

   SetKBRate(32, 50);

   MapAxis(&Throttle, THR_RIGHT, DX_Z_AXIS);                //Collective Axis
   SetCustomCurve(&Throttle, THR_RIGHT, LIST(0,0, 65,100));
   MapAxis(&Throttle, SCX, DX_X_AXIS);
   MapAxis(&Throttle, SCY, DX_Y_AXIS);
   //Bind Buttons to DX Combined Throttle
   MapKey(&Throttle, CSU, DXHATUP);                         //Hardpoint Select
   MapKey(&Throttle, CSR, DXHATRIGHT);
   MapKey(&Throttle, CSD, DXHATDOWN);
   MapKey(&Throttle, CSL, DXHATLEFT);
   MapKey(&Throttle, SC, DX1);                             //Collective Brake
   MapKey(&Throttle, MSP, DX15);                             //Lock Shkval
   MapKey(&Throttle, MSR, DX30);                             //Field of View
   MapKey(&Throttle, MSL, DX31);
   KeyAxis(&Throttle, SCX, 'ioumd', AXMAP2(3, DX6, 0, DX4)); //Landing Light Slew
   KeyAxis(&Throttle, SCY, 'ioumd', AXMAP2(3, DX3, 0, DX5));
   MapKey(&Throttle, SPDF, PULSE+DX7);                     //Route Engage
   MapKeyR(&Throttle, SPDF, PULSE+DX7);                     //Route Disengage
   MapKey(&Throttle, SPDB, DX8);                             //Descent
   MapKey(&Throttle, BSF, PULSE+DX10);                     //Shkval 7/23x
   MapKey(&Throttle, BSM, PULSE+DX9);
   MapKey(&Throttle, BSB, PULSE+DX28);                        //Shkval Reset
   MapKey(&Throttle, CHF, DX11);                             //Shkval Gate-+
   MapKey(&Throttle, CHB, DX12);
   MapKey(&Throttle, PSF, DX13);                             //Rotor RPM Low/High
   MapKey(&Throttle, PSB, DX14);
   MapKey(&Throttle, LTB, DX2);                             //OPEN
   MapKey(&Throttle, EFLOVER, PULSE+DX16);                 //Cannon AP/HE
   MapKeyR(&Throttle, EFLOVER, PULSE+DX16);
   MapKey(&Throttle, EFROVER, PULSE+DX17);                    //Cannon ROF
   MapKeyR(&Throttle, EFROVER, PULSE+DX17);
   MapKey(&Throttle, EOLIGN, DX18);                         //Ext. Jettison
   MapKey(&Throttle, EORIGN, DX19);                        //ATGM Jettison
   MapKey(&Throttle, APUON, PULSE+DX20);                     //Master Arm
   MapKeyR(&Throttle, APUON, PULSE+DX20);
   MapKey(&Throttle, LDGH, DX21);                             //LWS Reset
   MapKey(&Throttle, FLAPU, PULSE+DX22);                     //Landing Light Ret-Off-Ext
   MapKeyR(&Throttle, FLAPU, CHAIN(PULSE+DX22,D(),PULSE+DX22));
   MapKey(&Throttle, FLAPD, CHAIN(PULSE+DX22,D(),PULSE+DX22));
   MapKeyR(&Throttle, FLAPD, PULSE+DX22);
   MapKey(&Throttle, EACON, PULSE+DX24);                     //HMS
   MapKeyR(&Throttle, EACON, PULSE+DX24);
   MapKey(&Throttle, RDRNRM, PULSE+DX25);                     //Laser Standby
   MapKeyR(&Throttle, RDRNRM, PULSE+DX25);
   MapKey(&Throttle, APENG, DX26);                         //DL Ingress
   MapKey(&Throttle, APPAT, PULSE+DX27);                     //Salvo Size
   MapKeyR(&Throttle, APPAT, CHAIN(PULSE+DX27,D(),PULSE+DX27));
   MapKey(&Throttle, APALT, CHAIN(PULSE+DX27,D(),PULSE+DX27));
   MapKeyR(&Throttle, APALT, PULSE+DX27);
   KeyAxis(&Throttle, THR_FC, 0, AXMAP2(3, PULSE+DX23, 0, PULSE+DX23)); //Gear Lever

//event handler
int EventHandle(int type, alias o, int x)
   DefaultMapping(&o, x);
   //add event handling code here

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