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Too late for requests?

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Hello everyone, I am new here. I am just a casual flight sim player, but I do really enjoy them. I am really excited about this game, because a good helicopter sim is rare. Anyway, I'll make this brief. I have seen people talking about what they would like, and I would like all those things too :) One person typed an ideal feature list, as though it came from the game. It said things like, "Improved the AI", "Improved ground textures", etc... and all those things I would love to see!


But there are also a few features that I would really like, that might not be high on everybody's list. They sound a bit silly, but they mean a lot to me. My favourite helicopter sim, was a game called Gunship 2000, released a LONG time ago. Here are a couple of things I would LOVE to see, which that game tought me to really appreciate:



1) When you do very well on a mission, you are rewarded with a service medal, and some music and a small movie plays. They make it seem like a little ceremony in your honour :) But also, as you continue to play the game, there is a proper ranking system, and you gain ranks as you are promoted. You start as Second Lieutenant, and feel a bit like cannon fodder. But eventually you become 1st Lietenant, and then up to Captain and then Major, and then Brigadeer General! Etc... When you got a promotion, music would play, (trumpets etc..) and you would see the American flag being waved, etc... and it all felt like it was a ceremony just for you :) I know its not real... but yet, I really loved it for some reason. My friend and I used to play the game, and the next day at school, we would tell each other our stories about it :) "Hey, I got promoted last night!!! I flew a really amazing mission and completed both objectives, and managed to bring my badly damaged

chopper back in one piece! They upgraded me to Captain!!!!! And I got a Gold Cross and Purple Heart!!!!!!!". :) Its silly I know.... but as kids, we loved it. It made the game feel more like a real "game" than, just a flight sim where your only achievements are quietly added to your profile page.


2) The best part about the game is this..... Once you reached a certain rank, you where allowed to become a Wing Commander, and control a squadron of helicopters. So you would set off on your mission as usual, but this time, you could open your real time map page, and you had a few wing men to control. You could plot waypoints for them and give them real time orders! (At the time, this game was amazing...). Anyway, the best part about it, was using the sight on the top of the Apatche Longbow. You could approach a mountain, and then peek over the top of it using the sight no the top of of the chopper (like a periscope). Then, you could coordinate an attack with your wingmates! It was great. You could send two guys around the left of the mountain, and two guys around the right of the mountain, and then you could go right over the top... A moment later, the enemy would be attacked from all angles and had no chance :) It was amazing. And what is best, is that I often completed the "Primary Objective" but was heavily injured and had to limp back to base. But instead of only a partial victory, I could instruct my team to complete the "Secondary Objective" without me. They usually would succeed, and then I would reap the rewards :) The icing on the cake, was that you got to promote your wing men! And give out medals! Again, as a kid, it was amazing and made you feel responsible for their well being :P But it was also quite tactical, because you could promote a few of your favourite pilots so that you had a pair of Captains or even Majors in your crew, to help you out on missions. When they got that high in rank, you could even just send them off to complete the Secondary Objective on their own, and they would usually complete it without taking any damage.


3) Camera views: Again, in Gunship 2000, it had some very impressive camera controls for an old game. One of favourites, was a view from the enemy unit. So you could just press F9 (I think), and it let you view the tank. You could then fire a missile, and while looking at the tank, you could see a trail of smoke in the distance... then a few seconds later, you would see the missile incoming VERY fast, and then BOOM! What reminded me of this, is watching your newer Black Shark movie on YouTube. It makes me think that you will have some very advanced views in Black Shark! And I am really excited about that. One of them was so good... that you could actually see a man with a surface to air missile. Anyway, I really hope you can allow us to use these views as we please. I think LOMAC had a lot of freedom with the views, so I am assuming this will be good too. But anyway, I just wanted to say that I REALLY appreciate being able to look at the unit I am targetted, and then pan the camera around, so that I can see my chopper in the distance. If these views can be easy to access by just pressing the appropriate function key, it can give a game a much more exciting feel, and makes it almost cinematic.


4) Lastly, I bought Lock On, but I have been waiting to buy Flaming Cliffs for a long time. I could just buy it I suppose, but really, I am hoping that with Black Shark, you might be able to release a box set or gold/platinum edition, or something like that? So for just one price, I can buy all of the games in one guy? (Lock On, Flaming Cliffs, and Black Shark - all together in one pack). Otherwise, I will have to buy Flaming Cliffs and Black Shark separate. Not the end of the world.... but if there was a nice deal to get both (or all 3 including the original), I would really like that.




Thanks! Good luck with this game. It looks very advanced, and very impressive, but also very fun :)

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Hey man its nice to have you around.


First thx for expresing yourself and lots of good and nice points in game you brought up but personaly i dont think well get ranks and all with bs.

As far as i can see ED team, that produces these, i would say, great sim games, IS (are) mainly SIMULATION oriented people, no arkadish stuff involved.

If you ask me i just love that, they concetrate on one project and they do it well, now u can discus what is working most properly to real life but thats another matter, FLIGHT MODELS from ED Team are advanced, good feeling, immersive (just u and me as a users, we need to have vision what to do whit this game)


You know what, it might be silly but we have chance to be pilots in virtual life which differ from real life only u are not present in real cockpit but instruments, planing, missions can be very same as in real life (if you are skilled enough for exmpl. to plan proper mission.) (by the way u get convinience to go to washroom and to have snack lol)

If you have proper equipment that is PC lol you can imerse yourself quite good.



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Thanks guys :)


And yeah, I think arcadey stuff might be a bit too much to ask from a sim. Especially seeing as its a very high tech and realistic simulation.


As for the wingmen, I doubt I'll get that too, but... if there is a good mission planner, then maybe I can start using that. It's maybe not as cool as controlling wingmen on the fly, but it would be nice for me to make entire missions :)


I'm really excited about this game :)

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