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  1. What ED should do is just put old files back and make ppl happy again. Is that really hard to fix, how many hours, ppl should be assigned for task like that? If i were ED i would make missiles equall on both sides (but more deadly) because after all, we will never get real performance in games(sensitive topic) I am sure that ED will make revolution in simulation down the road if all it is as they claim to be BS but i would agree with Goya and Cool_t and many more in regard their frustration. I fly only ruskies so no affect on me in that regard but it will be if things are not fixed and ppl start quiting game because this game can be love-hate. You love game so much because its done so well but u hate playing because u know ure underpwered in it and i think its not joke, i prefer to fly SU27 and i do not tend to change plane..i am shure that goes as well for f-15 folks..so that does matter. I just hope that this isue will be resolved in satisfactory manner for all and in close future.
  2. Hey man its nice to have you around. First thx for expresing yourself and lots of good and nice points in game you brought up but personaly i dont think well get ranks and all with bs. As far as i can see ED team, that produces these, i would say, great sim games, IS (are) mainly SIMULATION oriented people, no arkadish stuff involved. If you ask me i just love that, they concetrate on one project and they do it well, now u can discus what is working most properly to real life but thats another matter, FLIGHT MODELS from ED Team are advanced, good feeling, immersive (just u and me as a users, we need to have vision what to do whit this game) You know what, it might be silly but we have chance to be pilots in virtual life which differ from real life only u are not present in real cockpit but instruments, planing, missions can be very same as in real life (if you are skilled enough for exmpl. to plan proper mission.) (by the way u get convinience to go to washroom and to have snack lol) If you have proper equipment that is PC lol you can imerse yourself quite good. S!
  3. Cool_t i was engaging you in BSS and i watched TV file and ure rite 120 missed me so many times, if they can be fixed with acordance to level of infos ED team has than they should be fixed, cuse i can understand frustration where it comes from. For us Ruskies flying aircraft pilots is also not that promising when it comes to missiles. Sometimes i fire er and it goes just straith even if i am guiding it with radar on target????? Seems so like no efect whatsoever.. I think its all balance and good piloting and Cool_T don't forget BSS is not good measurment how good missiles are modeled. We were good organized and we delivered sorties in pars or more so tactic played huge role in achiving succes but i can see your point of view too,u expected it more from ur f15,sometimes i do with my SU27 but i dont get it i have to learn to utilize what i have, for best use.
  4. well alli can say is good luck to ED team with further development with other models which they may chose for next game or real simulator in any case we simmers can be lucky to be in relationship with programers capable of making sims not only for us but for real pilots(in future) hehehe we ordinary people willl be trained to fly missions and actually understand batlefield and most importantly to exibit sorties...o yea..
  5. I say one big thx for ED team for having patience and dedication to do sim like we have today FC. I am shure that BS (not bull s**t :)) will be even better than current models we have now, and again thx ED team and one vodka up for team Ed,cheers!!
  6. Have you tried to adjust ur driver?? triple buff antia itd? and there is in bios also something to adjust for video card.. or maybe try to find out what file is that and ask someone to send you copy if only cocpit problem.. Or even check ur phiscal memory, maybe it got corrupted in process of switching from LO to FC..
  7. Well i got HDI tv (LCD)and it is not blury what soever maybe because company that i bought tv from (ViewSonic) is also specialazing in pc screens and when i run lock on i can play with no problems lol all instruments are soo biger than they used to be on 19" monitor. I got this tv yesterday for 911$CAD which is very reasonable price,i think.
  8. Thx man that was problem and thx to you i solved it, now is working and it looks amazing on 37" screen..
  9. Hi all. I have question. How do i make lock on to work on tv 37 inch??? I tried to run game but it wouldn't start, now i am guessing that resolution is maybe not supported or something... I am shure that some peps here use TV as a monitor so if anyone could give me input how to start game on tv????? Tv is by the way ViewSonic and it works really good out of the box with my pc setup. I played last night AOE(Age of Empires war chiefs) and it works well also with this game, only lock on won't run :((( and i mainly got this type of tv to play lock on (call me freak but hey..) 1024x768 75hz is my current resolution on desktop and in games that works as well. Maybe lock on tries to run game in resolution that was left before i switched to tv and tv can't support it??? But other games adjusted itself accordingly to tv res. automaticly, why wouldn't lock on do the same?? If that is case is it posible to change resolution in game by not running game insted to do it from "outside" through file adjustment?? Thx for your time..
  10. Lock On Age of empires III + xpac war chiefs Counter stike source. Hajduk gdje igars AOEIII skyeye vodje..
  11. Go for Audigy X-Fi Extreme Music edition it costs in Canada around $140 but performance of this card is soooo much better than previous versions of Audigy sound cards...i have also audigy 2ZS and its not even close to XFi... XFi gives good software too u have 3 position: Entertainment, audicreation mode and game mode now whatever you use beside lock on (music ripping sons wtwr..) u can do it and with quality.. In lock on i had same problem like you with sounds and disabling hrdwr acc in DX mu sounds would like "LOCK" and stay that way allways no matter what and true with loud engines had same.. With Xfi no problems i didnt even bother to disable i just let it run as it is and depends what kind of speakers you have or headphones it can be very nice expirience!! i Have Zalmans 5.1 Headphones and they work very well with this sound card.. PS. If you go to buy a NEW card get FXi u wont regret..
  12. yea it looks to me like bunch of clans with markings for theitr own areas..
  13. I don't know what you guys complain about 450w PSU???? Even lover cards require 400 and up. That is nothing for new technology, i run prety old system now and have PSU 550 w Antec... Card simply rocks..
  14. Nvidia released new shiny armor 8800GTX ans GS cards and by testing this card alone can take on Xfire ans Sli equiped systems. Power consumption is rated for GTX 450 W altough ull need 2 molex connector on it. Card is MONSTRUM in size, Power and price in canada here costs $754. Hmmm thinking of buying it...
  15. OS Vista is officialy due to be out on 30th January 2007, so my question is how many of us will get it and what you guys think is it smart to get at first release or to wait?? I think i'll buy..
  16. Thx witchking :) and for NS code there is limit, 20 max..
  17. yes tropikal is right and i agree so many guys just fire like 4 missiles and turn away, get kills and fells strong. Well u SUCK whoever it does, altough Su are good and they can take down Eagle if you know how, but again sometimes u cant do nothing cuse Eagle can carry so many actives and noob comes and fires like 4 to 6 at once and good luck to you in flanker(spam) Pilotasso i noticed you always try to be very smart and yours to be last well **** off man leave hajduk alone he has right on his opinion and yes hes right even tough if russian SU27 cant cary actives, it has been proven that that particular airframe CAN cary active, so who cares i can imagine i am flying god damn Indian SU? Or you will tell me now no we are flying russian version?? Well how do you know? U work in Sukhoi plant? You have all details about su what can and can't do? U know exactly how in SU 27 radar works into details? Are you teling me russians are so stupid to make active for india and China while they don't equip yourself with same? Plz pilotasso don't try to be too smart and leave others alone if they think differnt from you.
  18. Siting here :book: forums and :confused:myself why all that info about BS is :censored:!!?? But ED said :vertag: that mthr****er, we won't release any info about our upcoming game and again :director:WE WON'T RELEASE ANY INFOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. After that conversation i tought how :doh: of them, but one guy came up to me again and started to :chair: my ass, and said go mthrfckr fly flaming clifs you anyway:baby: at this game and you would like to fly BS with AFM??!! I was so :mad:, how could they do that to me?? What they think i am :animals_rooster: ??? I'll show em i am :weight_lift_2: guy . Se eventualy ED team was so :worthy: from me they called for HELP and testers came and we started to:argue: again and than i said :fear: ha what you guys want? and took hammer from my tool box and started to :bash: testers... Whos :weight_lift: now?? They started to :cry_2:, and i was :cry: for them and i rolled one joint and we :smoke:and after everything was back to normal......:bye_2:
  20. HRZ we do understand that your country came out from comunism recently, but buddy this is game don't mix reallity with virtuallity. 504 Is great squad very active and i am sure it has a lot potential for new pilots.. No matter in what system we lived, we, ordinary people, are just puppets and eeach system has good and bad sides..
  21. Hey Ironhand, first to thank you for your time and effort to make such videos which are, i am sure, helpfull to many LO players. I watched your video and really helped me to understand some things about landing, just have one short question i did all like you said 260km speed and landing was smooth just my chute wont open. I kept on pressing "P" key, should i hold to it or "press release"?? Thx.
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