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Arena 2019


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Arena V2 - 2 Ship SARH BVR League - Starting November 17th, 2019








The schedule for matches can be found at Arena on Splash One Gaming. Arena will consist of a single world league. Matches will be flown at the teams discretion up until the scheduled match time for that particular match. If the match has not been flown before the scheduled time, the scheduled time will be used for that specific match.




Arena is an event designed for the 2 ship formation. Smaller than SATAL and more compact, Arena is made to be quick and dirty. Get ready for the ultimate in small team tactics!




All streams will be taking place on the DCSWorldEvents Twitch channel with after action replays and highlights available on Youtube.




There are no prizes for this event at this time. Winning is only for the glory, but what could be better?




- November 17th, 2019 - Arena 2v2 league begins.

- League brackets will depend on the number of teams at signup.

- Groupings will also depend on the number of teams.

- You are only allowed to signup for 1 team.

- Teams should expect to fly approximately once or twice a month, but this could very depending on the number of teams in signups and when teams decide to fly their matches.

- All matches will take place at the predetermined league times or at the agreed time of the 2 competing teams

- All matches will have replays streamed and track-able on DCSWorldEvents, The Merge and ED forum thread.

- End of the year tournament will take place at completion of league.




- You must join the Splash One Gaming Discord in order to compete in Arena. This makes it easier for both organizers and teams to communicate. Upon joining, https://discord.gg/Px2DtEh, please select the Arena Announcements role.




- Arena will consist of 2 3 man teams, 2 main pilots and 1 reserve, competing in a best of 3 team deathmatch.

- Reserve pilots are allowed to sub in any matches and any rounds of a match at any time.

- You must fly with the same wingman throughout the Arena league. Switching pilots is NOT permitted unless it is with your reserved member.

- Pilots must be consistent throughout the year regardless of airframe. For example if you flew 2 Su-27 in Match 1, but want to fly 2 F-14 in Match 2, you are allowed to bring in 2 RIO not listed in pilot registration. However, the pilots must stay the same and be the same pilots that flew the Su-27 in Match 1.

- All starts will be air start approximately 60nm apart.

- Bullseye is centered above an airfield in various locations.

- There will be an engagement bubble centered on bullseye which teams must control to win the engagement.

- Leaving engagement bubble is not permitted and will result in a round loss.

- At least one pilot from the winning team must land at the airfield centered in the bubble in order to the win the round after defeating their opponents.

- Air frame selection is permanent during individual matches. Teams must choose a set line up for each match and stick with that format.

- You may NOT change the air frame line up between rounds of a match. eg. choosing 1 F15, 1 Su27 cannot be altered until the next match.

- Payload violations and aircraft violations will result in a loss for the round where the infractions took place. Teams should not leave the server/TS until a final decision has been made and agreed. Decisions often occur at the end of the round. Be prepared to fly another round if a referee decision mandates it otherwise you may miss out.

- No RTB to refuel and rearm is allowed after entering the bubble. If you land you are not permitted to takeoff again.

- All aircraft are permitted for use in this league.

- Future DCS modules will be included in the tournament automatically as well as multi-role objectives if needed or deemed to fit.

- A ping limit of 320 will be strictly enforced. Server will auto kick anyone over this limit.

- All matches will be hosted on the dedicated 64th Aggressors server based in a Kansas City data center.

- If a team fails to appear at a designated match a penalty will be issued; -3 points and walkover/forfeit.

- Teams will be eliminated at the conclusion of the league based on rankings in the Arena league play.

- The number of eliminations will be determined based on the number of teams that signup to compete in Arena.

- Rankings will be used for seeding in the end of the year tournament.




- Weapons restrictions: r27-ER limited to 2

- Weapons banned: r27-ET, R-77, AIM-120B, AIM-120C, AIM-9X, AIM-54A mk47, AIM-54A mk60, AIM-54C, and nukes

- Breaking payload rules during the round leads to an automatic loss of that round for the at fault team. If a payload infraction is noticed only after the match has concluded an automatic loss will be handed to that team at the time of ruling.

- Jester is banned from use. If an F14 is used both pilots must be human controlled.




-The Caucuses Theater will be used for this competition.

- Various mission locations will be available.

- All missions will use calm and clear for weather settings.

- Mission will be randomly chosen before each match.

- Missions are available for download and testing soon. This repo will be updated as more missions are added.



*Note: Tournament rules, weapons and missions are subject to change




Please make at least your team captain available on the 64th Aggressors Teamspeak during match play. Team captains, as well as being the primary contact, will also be responsible for referee decisions throughout the year. This is needed in order to ensure that all rulings are as impartial as possible. More details about this will be provided as we get closer to league start.


This list of rostered pilots is concrete and can consist of a maximum of 3 pilots, 2 main and a sub that can be subbed in at any time. You are NOT allowed to fly with different pilots for each match. The wingman and sub you start the year with is who you must end the year with. RIO are not part of pilot registration roster and can be added and removed at any time.


Please use the template below as a guide and post in a new post in this thread to register your team. It is very important that you include as many pilots as possible that will be competing in the leagues. TEAMSPEAK AND DISCORD INFORMATION ARE VITAL SO THAT OPPOSING TEAMS CAN COMMUNICATE TO SCHEDULE MATCH TIMES! Please ensure if there is a password on your TS that is is published and if you use a discord please provide an invite link. It is also crucial that home country of each pilot and Zulu time be included for information on Splash One Gaming.



Arena Example:

League: World

Squadron Name: 64th Aggressors

Teamspeak/Discord: https://discord.gg/bhqZmX5

Contact person: Moltar

Aircraft Selection. 2*Su-27

Pilot Roster:

Krippz( United States -6 Zulu)

Moltar (United States -7 Zulu)

Yaga (United States -7 Zulu)

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League: World

Squadron Name: Joint Task Force Heavy

Discord: https://discord.gg/GDr4kYH

Contact person: Speedy

Aircraft Selection. 2*F-18

Pilot Roster:

Speedy( United States -5 Zulu)

Gitbse (United States -5 Zulu)

Rallies (United States -5 Zulu)

Owned Modules: F-18, F-16, F-14, AV-8B, A-10c, Huey, Hip, KA-50, Gazelle, Mig 15, Mig 19, Mig 21, FC3, P-51, BF-109, C-101, L-39, F-5, YAK-52


PC Specs- 8700k at 5.1GHz on Asrock z370 Fata1ity k6, EVGA 1080ti SSC2, 32 GB G.Skill TridentZ, 1TB NVMe m.2 Drive for DCS with a 500gb NVMe M.2 boot drive, Oculus Rift S

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League: World

Squadron Name: 64th Aggressors

Teamspeak/Discord: https://discord.gg/bhqZmX5

Contact person: Krippz

Aircraft Selection. 2*Su-27

Pilot Roster: <64>Krippz,<64>Combz

Krippz( United States -4 Zulu)

Combz( United States -4 Zulu)


64th "Scorpions" Aggressor Squadron

Discord: 64th Aggressor Squadron


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