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  1. Very good illustration on how this is supposed to work.
  2. Squadron: 64th Aggressors Timezone: 19:00z - 21:00z Maps: Syria, PG, Cauc
  3. If you feel that some of the issues expressed are valid it's probably best to refrain from injecting opinion in a bug thread so that it doesn't get off-topic. If you have anything to share that reinforces your belief you are free to contribute to the thread by supplying a track for review.
  4. I don’t see anything in this post apart from speculation.
  5. They said in the thread that the guidance issue is getting looked at. I'm sure it's a high priority to get fixed; just have to play the waiting game.
  6. The missile is still quite effective at high altitude. At the end of the day it's a simulator; sensors, missiles and other items should be as realistic as possible. You should be commending the dev for taking the steps that they took when presented with information.
  7. Krippz

    Data Cartridge

    Mission specific stuff (e.g. target coordinates) would be more part of a mission planner. DTC is just the input device that interfaces with the jet. I think what most people want is a mission planner & DTC not just a DTC.
  8. No ADF on the version Viper that we have.
  9. Keep up the great work. Really looking forward to this
  10. EM Diagram's list the drag index, weight and altitude that tests are done at. I would try to match what's in the EM diagram when testing.
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