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Presidential Tour - a Boring mission for the F-16C


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This is a BORING mission, or will be for some. It is not a "shoot em up" mission. It is an escort mission that lasts for over an hour and requires you to follow Air Force One around the Nellis Range. The greatest challenge you will face will be fuel management, and sipping your gas to land back at Nellis once released from escort duty.


The mission features random triggers which fires one of four permutations (there are basically four missions in one, and the one you get each time will be random). At some point well into the mission, something will happen but that doesn't mean you will be cleared to shoot.


Players will need the following to play this mission:


- Civil Aircraft Mod (which will allow various airliners to appear, including Air Force One).

- F16C Viper Module

- Nevada Map


You will also need patience and a willingness to fly a long, boring mission. Feedback is welcome, please let me know what you think after play!


Watch that fuel gauge!

Presidential Tour.miz

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Thanks, will try it later (when I can muster time away from real life duties) as I'm still learning the Viper and this seems like a nice-easy mission :)


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Good morning!


"Boring"? Why this? I'm believing this task "Interesting", instead. And a necessity too, nowdayas, as in RL indeed is, as well as susceptible of many possible developments ... let's understand each other well now. ;)


So, thanks for sharing, dear mate!


With best regards.

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