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[REPORTED]New Cockpit: Circuit Breakers

Dropship Pilot

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As you are working on the new cockpit (great job so far! thumbup.gif) I thought I'd point out some details that seem off:



There's a small details that is wrong even in the flight manual - the CONVERTER L and the PWR circuit breakers are rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise compared to the other circuit breakers.



Circuit Breaker.jpg



The reason for this is that these high amp breakers are much larger and won't fit in the normal orientation. This is true for the A-10C as well as the A-10A.



Also, as can be seen from the picture, the A-10C has the CONVERTER L Circuit breaker updated to 100Amps form 80Amps on the A-10A.



Hope this helps.






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  • ED Team

Thanks for the feedback, it is a very minor point but I will mention it to the team.




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