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[REPORTED] displaying Training Missions when there are Multiple Sets of missions


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If you have the Mi-8 and NS340 installed then you get two sets of Missions displayed on the Training Missions and Single missions page. You can also recreate the problem with a Custom Module containing missions with a attachMissionsToMods setting in entry.lua (I've attached the NS340/Mi-8 entry.lua file as an example)


However on the Training Missions page there is a problem when you select from the second set where the selection bar is White rather than light Blue so you can't read the selected text

(as shown in screenshot training_missions.PNG).


Additionally on both the Training and Single Mission pages you can a missions selected from both sets of missions making it unclear which mission is the actual selected one. (As shown on both screenshot training_missions.PNG & single_missions.PNG)




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  • ED Team

Reported thanks.


It don't look pretty so needs changing :)


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