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Hide units from "Allies Flight" or "Known threats" in briefing


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I tried that and they still showed up in the threats and allies lists, am I doing something wrong?


"hidden on map" seems to work but then it's not visible on the map which defeats the point of what I'm trying to do

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I searched before asking this same question and was directed here.  Seeing that the answer is to check "Hidden on Map", I pulled out the manual to see specifically what that option is designed to do.  Below is clipped from page 194 of the DCS User Manual.

HIDDEN ON MAP. check box. After creating a mission, you may wish to hide certain units so that people playing your mission cannot see them. For example, you may want to hide mobile enemy units from being seen by the player on the briefing and F10 maps. Press this check box to hide the selected aircraft group from the ME World Map and F10 view. You can view all hidden groups using the Units List window (discussed later in this manual).

In my particular case, I really want the units to show up on the F10 map once they are activated.  I don't, however, want them to be displayed as "Known Threats" on the mission briefing.  Based on the answer above and my own tinkering, I am at a loss on how to accomplish.

Is there a way to "unhide" on the map via a script?  Not the end of the world if its not possible, just thought I'd ask.


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