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Case 1 radio comm


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Hi all,


I am experiencing a problem during a custom mission I created to practice the CASE 1 approach.

I put one Stennis, created a waypoint for her, a speed… I even activated the TACAN and ACLS (when I want to practice other approaches).

Each time I declare my intention to land on the radio (I set the right frequency), the Stennis acknowledges my request with the male voice without giving me the information of the CASE I scenario (he gives me the usual informations as an airfield ATC but no more).

Strange thing is that if I fail the landing (bolter for example), this time I can hear the female voice confirming me the CASE 1 approach ???

Not that this is very important (despite that I like listening for the LSO :smilewink:) but I would like to know what I do wrong.


Thanks for your help

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Same for me. I get the BRC and until a failed landing, I get nothing more.

What is odd is that shortly after I received the bolter joke from Jester, I am in contact with the carrier ATC who confirms me the CASE 1 and a new radio menu appears with new options like “see you at 10”, and during the final, “Clara” or “ball”…

Weird and frustrating.

BTW I already ordered the supercarrier module ;)


Thanks for your help though.

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