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  1. Hi Are the 3 new carriers available in the 3D model viewer ? Thx
  2. You were faster than me pal :thumbup:
  3. It’s getting political, you’d better close this thread before it turns wild. :D
  4. One can say that is a VERY long night BTW…:)
  5. WK spotted, I doubt you’ll get a discount for that. :) I do not see anything hysterical here (please take your dictionary), as the OP I can tell you that I am no psychotic by asking more news about a DLC that should be released soon. There is a dedicated section and, again, I do not see anything illegitimate by expecting some news being posted here.
  6. More than three years after my post, I am back flying with the Viggen and I can finally thank the devs for having implemented this device !! It is never too late…:smilewink:
  7. Already done, done and redone, staying very calm. Honestly, I didn’t feel ill at all, I just had the feeling I had committed a crime of lèse-majesté when I read the WK’s replies. :D But do you have something for those who overreacted ? :music_whistling:
  8. Again…the proper balance. Maverick, you’re good at making YouTube videos, for sure ; but at being measured, you still have progress to make…;)
  9. Well, if I express the opinion that more news would be welcome, I am sure you have well understood that this was aimed at asking ED to do a little more. I doubt that any other member of this forum has the power to change that. Regarding the white knights, I am sorry I just can’t bear them. Let the devs speak for themselves.
  10. Again, if we could find a proper balance, thanks…:thumbup: I am pretty sure it would not be so time consuming to post on a regular basis (not daily, not even weekly !) some photos and short news. Since the last official communication (that is few weeks old), it seems to be the total blackout. If we are close from the release (close means nothing more than few weeks, not days, ok ?:music_whistling:), I’m sure they have at least few things to show us. BTW, this thread was not aimed at the white knights but at ED team if they read it by chance.
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