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[REPORTED]Changing Radar Range during LTWS changes the HUD LAR and shoot indications


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Hi all,


This is a bug that can be replicated on both the current release version and latest open beta.




  • Target selected as LTWS on radar, HUD correctly shows aircraft as out of range.
  • Changing the range of the A/A radar also changes the Launch Acceptable Range shown on the HUD
  • Reducing the range of the A/A radar to 5nm causes a flashing 'SHOOT' indication, even with the aircraft well out of the range.
  • A missle fired in these conditions will show a time-to-target of approx 7 seconds, regardless of aircraft distance.

In short, it seems that when the L&S target is "off range" at the top of the A/A radar, the 'Shoot' indication, the HUD LAR symbology and the time-to-target is all based on the max range of the A/A display, rather than the actual range of the radar return.

Missle Launch.trk

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