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[REPORTED]TD box occlusion is maintained after exiting GUN


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When in A/A GUN mode and within 3,000ft from the target, the TD box and associated HAFU symbology will be hidden as the gun reticle passes over them. This is correct behavior.


A bug occurs, where if the above happens and the pilot exits GUN and selects another A/A weapon, the TD box is still occluded. The occlusion box zone is the last zone that was occluded in GUN mode and it does not update after exiting GUN (if the TD box and gun reticle were at the top left of the HUD and the TD box was hidden, if you switch to the AIM-9, when the TD box passes over the top left of the HUD, it will get hidden). If the target moves further than 3,000ft away, the occlusion goes away, at least it did in my test.


Furthermore, if the TD box gets hidden and its top starts showing again, sometimes the HAFU and SHOOT cue might not show for a few seconds, even though they should. This occurs with either GUN or another A/A weapon selected.


See attached screenshots and track.

Open Beta PG map.

FA-18C_TD box occlusion is maintained after exiting GUN.trk

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