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Player taxi push back


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I noticed when my ai wingman landed on the stennis ahead of me, he turned of the runway and was pushed back into a parking space, by invisible ground crew? I would love to see the same feature available for players. Maybe it could be scripted?

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SYSTEM SPECS: Hardware Intel Corei7-12700KF @ 5.1/5.3p & 3.8e GHz, 64Gb RAM, EVGA 3090 XC3, Dell S2716DG, Virpil T50CM3 Throttle, T-50CM2 Base & Constellation Alpha + MFG Crosswinds V2, HP Reverb G2
SOFTWARE: Microsoft Windows 11, VoiceAttack & VIACOM PRO

VR Stuff:   My Settings for 3090 and G2 , My Settings for 1080ti , Shaders MOD for VR , Patch Status


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