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I have found 3d model Errors while putting E-2D on the deck of the CVN-73.(5)


On the Left (Lower) side there's a newly introduced DCS World Supercarrier

and on the Right (UPPER) side is the real photo USS George Washington (CVN-73)


The First error that i found is the Position of the aircraft carrier's Tower

On DCS World Supercarrier length of 1 is longer than 2

but in reallity tower positioned a bit more starboard side of the ship (so that length of 3 is shorter than 4)


and this modeling error is also on the others.


Secondly, it's the height of the radar and tower.(6)


Personally. It is a great DLC but it's still early access. and i enjoy it very much. so, i just wanted to help the developers by finding errors that i can find like shadow error on early stage that i replied on the steam newsletter.


I hope everyone is stay healthy and safe in this horrible era.



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On your image, the only thing annotated with a number is “5”, other than that, it’s kinda hard to work out what you are actually seeing?

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I was always wondering why, no matter how hard I try, I couldn’t get an E2 to fit by the tower and remain clear of the landing area foul line, as you see in almost every carrier photo.


It seems the tower should be positioned slightly more starboard than it is currently.


Definitely not at the top of my priority list of fixes, but just knowing what the error is eases my slight OCD none the less.

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Nice find. Always thought it was a bit squishy between the island and the foul line.

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