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Setting up a common Joystick/Throttle File

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Hi guys, I sure some of you computer nerds can help me out. When I started in DCS, as all newbies I read just enough of the manual to be dangerous. But recently I have notice that my joystick and Throttle layouts are all over the place. Is there a way to bring them all together into one file? Or even into a aircraft file for each aircraft?


If I was to built a joystick and throttle file say for the F86, just downloaded, and I wanted it to come up when the model was selected on the top under System (F-86) /controller menu / Then click load profile, listed as F86 joystick, Throttle, and Rudder programs, which I now have to load one by one how do you do this.?


Right now If I want to load the Harrier keybinds It comes up in the F/A 18c listing. (after Load Profile clicked)


E>DCS World>Mods>AircraftFA18C>Missions FA18C>Controllers Programs this is where the Harrier files are saved for some reason.


It works fine but I would love to straighten this out. Any clues to what I have done wrong or how to correct this problem now or in the future would be very helpful, as stated I am not a computer expert and need some help here.




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