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[REPORTED]MAVF uncage: locks on random objects


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When uncageing the MAVF, the seeker head automatically slews to the designated target and tries a lock-on. But if there are other objects in the path the seeker head traverses, the missile will lock-on those instead.



Track, s. attachement. Here I briefly inspect the targets with the TPOD. Then I designate TGT2 with the TPOD and the uncaged MAVF slews to it perfectly. But when the designated target is TGT1, then uncaging the MAVF will result in a lock onto a random building of the village between boresight and TGT1:




What I would expect: the missile should only attempt to lock somethig after establishing the desired seeker head position, i.e. after slewing is finished.


MAVF lock after uncage.trk

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Looks like the seeker behavior reverted to how it was in the beginning, as in the seeker taking priority from the moment it's uncaged. It should attempt a lock only after being slaved to the designation, like you're saying. It was a reported issue then. I can't look for the bug thread now, but if you find and link it, it might help.

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I can't look for the bug thread now, but if you find and link it, it might help.

Indeed. I found three different threads that the issue is known WIP / maybe fixed / related to a different WIP issue:

Slaving to the TGP position is still a WIP. And when it's working, you will be able to slave to a target point designated by the Tpod.

The latest OB ( fixed the issue! I tested with Realistic TDC Slew enabled. Thanks, ED!

Probably the above mentioned bug.

WPSDG Is only working once, after it will not allow you to slave.

It is reported to the team.


Hrm, I might experiment a bit with realistic TDC slew on / off ...



edit: and just now this

first maverick slewing- locking normally and fov-raid function working well but after launch second maverick's fov-raid doesnt working. and seeker locking randomly objects without zoom. track attached

So it might be related to wether it is the first Maverick being selected and fired or subsequent ones. In my case, I have probably only restarted the test mission with CTRL+R (SHIFT + R?) several times to eventually produce the .TRK. So, maybe there is some global initialization issue with the MAVF code? I'll check that as well.

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