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Mouse View stuttering issues


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When panning the mouse view across the screen, motion is not smooth and consistent. It slows down severely over various elements of the canopy, panels and fuselage, or while moving the mouse at a slow rate of speed. This is extremely annoying, and makes mouse view nearly unusable.


v2.5.6.61527 occurs with all FC3 aircraft. Not sure when this bug was introduced, but it didn't previously exist.


Have not tested A-10C module. Was planning on picking up F/A-18C module, but you keep breaking things...


FC3 Autopilot + Trimmer Issues: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/221282-bugs-fc3-autopilot-trimmer-control-issues


Fresh install, toggled Fullscreen, VSync, turned off all new UIs, disabled Mouse Acceleration in Windows, updated Video drivers, disabled Windows Fullscreen Optimizations, modified CockpitMouseSpeedNormal, Fast, Slow in View.lua, checked FPS counter to rule out performance issue, etc...


Seems similar to the following problems, and some other random reported TrackIR issues:


'Sticky Camera' and 'Speed Gates': https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/252576-already-reportedsticky-external-camera-movement-with-high-polling-rate-of-mice/?tab=comments#comment-4510696

View stutters due to Mouse Polling Rate: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/228705-view-stutters-when-i-move-my-mouse-around/?tab=comments#comment-4211585


It's not just a 'speed gate', although that effect is noticeable. Something related to aircraft panels and objects is affecting the speed as well.


Polling rate 'fix' is a temporary workaround: 100mhz polling +10ms input lag, 125mhz polling +8ms input lag. It also does not remove the effect completely, only reduces it, while increasing sensitivity. If you reduce sensitivity in View.lua to match, the effect becomes noticeable again, and the 'lag' is unbearable anyways, due to large 'jumps' in view angle.


Better workaround: Set Axis Tune Curvature to ~20 for Mouse X and Mouse Y Axes. It's not a complete fix, but it's better than polling rate hack.


Just a reminder:

2014, bruh... "In new beta update manual trim and t/o trim may not work. It's known issue. Please, do not make new topics"

2021, bruh... Still in beta...

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