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Radiator switch functionality. I had it wrong for a very long time.

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AUTO is forward, not rearward.


All three switches are marked ON (rearwards) / OFF (forwards). The fuel pump and the pitot are ON rearward so I assumed for the radiator ON (rearward) = AUTO as well. There would be an "in flight" symmetry to that. All switches rearward = fuel pump on, pitot on and radiator AUTO.


But no. ON for radiator switch apparently means flap fully open, auto off. Indeed key command [LCtrl A] AUTO does put switch forward (marked OFF) while [LShift A] OPEN does put the switch rearwards (marked ON).


I tagged to this today :blush: when flap started to open in ON position with temps way below the 115°C overheat limit.


I'm just asking for confirmation. This is how it works?


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Yes, that's how it works.


In 99% of the situations you don't touch this switch and let the default auto-mode ("off") do its thing unless you really really want to keep the rads fixed in emergency, fully opened position (switch to "on") for whatever reason... which in normal combat conditions you never should (especially with lack of thermostatic valve modelling, mentioned elsewhere).

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