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  1. ^ I think the problem is not that master bearing failure has been implemented, but that it seems to be happening sooner than it should when there have been period documents posted in other threads indicating that the engine was rated to rev up to about 3050 RPM (IIRC) in emergency situations. We, on the other hand, are stuck with hard-scripted 2750 redline, exceeding of which during windmilling kills the engine in about 12 seconds every time. By the way, it's the 190 Anton that has the same mechanics implemented, although bearing failures in dives are a non-issue here, because its Kommandogerat decreases RPM together with throttle. I wouldn't say the engine is made of glass. On the contrary, it's a sturdy beast as long as charge and oil temp limits are kept. One can even get away with overboosting to 72 inches all the way until water tank runs dry... but these temp limits are a pain with all coolers being manually adjusted.
  2. @peachmonkey - OK, you don't care, but others do. As long as there's N.20 runnig along 4YA, there's something for everyone. In some of the recent posts You really seem to be seeking for attention and problems where there aren't any.
  3. Make sure oil pressure and temps are OK before taking off, manage the oil cooler doors accordingly. DCS P-47 tends to kill its engine on takeoff easily when these are not within rated limits.
  4. Art-J


    I think he meant Silver Dragon's posts on page 13 of the other thread:
  5. What convergence was used in RL and what is used in DCS are not always the same, though (pattern vs point in US planes is primary example). Unfortunately, ED have been tight-lipped about what they have programmed in most of their warbirds.
  6. Careful - with AI's simplified flight models and their tendency to do neverending loops, competitive performance might actually be more important than you think. Here Dora is the hotrod down low, while the Anton is somewhat underpowered brick, and with both loosing energy in vertical maneuvers rapidly, at least the former can make up for it with its power, while the latter cannot. The only time I could see Anton shine was on Phil Style's SoW server vids, where Phil's teamwork with wingmen made the Anton effective. As other mentioned, free trial is the only way to see which version suits you better.
  7. Fuel problem maybe? With this convoluted mess of tanks, gauges and valves, I would check that possibility. Post the mission file, I won't try it it 'cause I don't own Channel map, but others might.
  8. To add what guys said above, popular comparison to manual car gearbox is a bit dangerous and misleading, 'cause it only applies 1:1 to our 109, 190 and P-47 when they're switched to manual prop mode (the only mode in which you control blade pitch directly). In all other cases governors do the physical blade adjustment, not the pilot, who is rather rpm- or power-manager. If we wanted to compare constant speed props to cars, I guess the only cars that fit would be old DAF variomatics, which could accelerate/decelerate/drive at different speeds while maintaining constant engine rpm.
  9. For ED-developed modules, unless there's some core game update affecting multiple aircraft together, or there's a major overhaul of old flagship product (A-10C, Ka-50), it's pretty much "fire and forget" indeed, with only minor fixes and tweaks implemented occasionally. For 3rd-party-developed modules, it's a mixed bag and depends on developer and module really.
  10. Remember to plug controllers into the same USB ports every time you do so. Switching ports changes port ID number and that can mess up / reset controller settings again.
  11. Why M4? I'd presume it's because it was the last and the most widespread-used variant amongst USSR-allies, still operated today and the easiest one to get reference data about. If OP and Octopus lived without internet and never heard of each other it's obvious for me both would choose the M4, as any other 3rd party most likely would for aforementioned reasons. I really don't see any conspiracy here. Besides, even IF (and that's a big "if" at this moment) Octopus model is intended for DCS: a) anyone is free to develop any aircraft he wants and push the project either towards free or commercial side; b) if Octopus guy decided not to contact OP (it seems?), well, he might have his reasons, that's his decision and he's also free to do so.
  12. If repair and cleanup don't help, the next step is temporary renaming/removal of the whole Saved Games/DCS folder (because it's not affected by repair&cleanup) and checking out how the game runs when it creates itself a new one. If it runs better - you know the culprit of the problem was located somewhere there and you can start restoring sub-folders from your Saved Games backup one by one to narrow down which files cause the issue. For example, your log says the game struggles (and fails after many minutes) with loading CH-53 collision model. It's a custom helicopter mod I think? Get rid of that one - it might just not be compatible with latest DCS version (or see if the updated mod has been released by its creators). Generally, turning off custom mods should be THE first thing to do as troubleshooting, even before repairing and cleaning up.
  13. @lazduc In a couple of weeks stable version number will catch up with current beta and you will be able to install SA map on it if you're just a little patient. I'd wait instead of spending money on a new drive only for second copy of DCS, but in the end it's your decision. Draconus is right, though. Nowadays beta releases are less frequent but more polished and only marginally more buggy than stable. I've been using strictly beta only for at least 4 years now and never had my controls wiped out by the update. I do know it happens every now and then to some guys but I believe it's related to something else in their systems than DCS itself and thus stable version is neither less nor more subjected to such risk. In both cases, keeping controls backups is mandatory.
  14. A tip for the future - when browsing through user files repository on ED website, always check upload dates and user comments. As you can see, some mods available there are quite old and just not compatible with recent DCS versions anymore. But, ask around in this section of the forum and folks will advise on alternatives, updates etc.
  15. @quantum69 Keep in mind diamond symbol is supposed to show virtual stick position, not your physical one (at least in DCS warbirds, I don't own any modern stuff to compate). Thus, as mentioned earlier, it's centered when there's no airflow from flight or propwash, but once either of these is present, it shifts according to airspeed and trim tabs settings. Granted, I don't know what's going on in 109, maybe it has aileron tabs pre-set to non-zero angle already even if special options say "0".
  16. Mind you, how could it be, if Yo-Yo showed in the sticky thread that he used Gustav trim curves with COG at 21-25% MAC (+ extrapolation) for K-4 flight model? That still in front of the cockpit.
  17. @drspankle Bunyap used to serve there, ground personnel rather than the pilot I believe (?), but still, knowing the Air Force from inside certainly helped in creating some immersive content.
  18. Visuals still do the job, but systems modelling is a bit of a mess (if you're into accuracy and realism that is). Understandable, however, given module's age and origins, as explained above. Whatever the planned redo comprises, It's nice to see this product still actively supported. I like what I see about F4U. Still quite a lot to do it seems, but the project is clearly more ambitious than it was in 2019 and I think it might raise the bar even compared to ED products, just like Heatblur's Tomcat did.
  19. @scoobie Oil dilition works in Mustang and Spit, but it's probably still not implemented in the Jug (I say "probably", 'cause I haven't tried it in last two OB builds).
  20. Could you please re-format your post text colour? I suspects it's an interesting post with lots of data in it, but for those of us who use "dark" forum theme it's unreadable because it displays black text over dark grey background.
  21. Given the fact that devs haven't found time in recent years for updating just cockpit textures and materials to be fully compatible with post 2.5 versions of DCS, I'd say it's quite an optimistic stretch to expect that any work requiring 3D model change (even if it's small and on the wings only) plus FM adjustment would be "truly minimal dev work". Spit, in practical terms, is semi-abandonware at this point and only gets touched by devs when some global feature affecting all warbirds is introduced (damage modelling, canopy reflections, props animation, engine cooling etc.).
  22. Was there really a bugfix? I remember Flappie reproduced and reported that problem many patches ago, but I don't recall it ever being fixed. I think it might be more apparent in certain time of day and map combination, but I admit I never investigated it that closely.
  23. I think only helicopter modules made previously or currently by ex-Belsimtek guys (Mi-8 and -24, Apache maybe?) have engine-related icing and/or sand ingestion simulated. Warbirds never had it and I'm not aware of any recent changes in this regard. Pitot tube icing used to be a thing in older warbird modules and it was quite easy to check with previous clouds (just flying up and down in winter conditions at few thousand feet would trigger it), but I haven't flown in such weather for a long time, so I don't know what the current situation is. I believe new clouds are just a graphics change though, so the icing itself should still be happening. As for your additional questions, slow cowl flaps movement speed was reported by me in bugs section, but apparently, based on Nick Grey's experience in Thunderbolt he flew, it seemed to be acceptable (maybe it's different between restored warbirds), so It's unlikely to be changed. I recall hydro pressure needle animation without intermediate levels was also pointed out by many players immediately after module release, but it seems to be low on priority list (rightfully so in my opinion, as there are more pressing issues to look into - engine redline, oil dilution).
  24. It shouldn't be the cause. I don't remember if Mossie has separate controls table for game flight / avionics mode and simulation flight / avionics mode. Most warbirds have both. Maybe by mistake you're trying to change the former while you should be changing the latter?
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