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  1. You can fly any aircraft on any map in DCS, but not all of planes have "instant" or single missions built for every map out of the box (I suppose that's how you tried to use them?). I can only suggest reading up and learning the basics of mission editor - it's not as complicated tool as it seems at first glance and you'll be quickly be able to create some very basic missions (just putting your plane on a map). Load a map in the editor, choose the air units button on the left list, click on chosen airbase - plane is inserted, clisk on it, on the right select plane type, select yellow "player" as it's skill level (so that it's controllable by you), save and that's it - you've got a mission. Hit green play button and get in the air. That's the bare minimum, but check other tabs and buttons to customize skins, loadouts, weather etc.
  2. Yeah, I guess it would be better if these missions told player to set correct power as a first instruction rather than one of the later ones. But they were all built for initial module release, when engine damage wasn't fully implemented yet, so they're a bit outdated in this aspect it seems.
  3. OK, was it full open then? I've just checked the mission in latest OB and the only way I can make the engine vibrate (with possible failure later on, I didn't bother to wait) is by overboosting it - going over 52" @ 2700 RPM. Again, without you saving and posting a replay track we can only run in circles and guess what really happened.
  4. Shouldn't happen in active pause, though, and I recall there's not enough altitude in this mission to accelerate to "bearing breaking speed" ;). But, any weird stuff is possibile in DCS, so it's difficult to say what's up without replay track.
  5. Even "default" 12:30 makes takeoffs noticeably easier for me, so I don't bother changing it to be honest. But of course, experiment and see what suits you better. There is no such thing as one-and-only-correct way to takeoff and land the 109.
  6. Art-J


    Heads-up, you posted in the forum section for long-discontinued 2.0 version of DCS. You'll be better off asking around in the VR section for current version: https://forum.dcs.world/forum/302-virtual-reality/
  7. Some sub-sections are in questionable and messy locations now I'd say, but like with last forum migration and redesign, it will just require getting used to. After a couple of weeks people won't remember previous layout anymore.
  8. @Oddball52 I'm not a Steam user either, but here's my 2 cents: Standalone version from ED site has its advantages over Steam (for example it allows you to participate in two-weeks free trial program for any module - no such thing on Steam), but in some parts of the world, it's indeed slower to download/update. Whether that's the case in your location, or you just have a slow connection anyway (Steam or not) we couldn't know. Try installing just barebones DCS World package from both sources and see which downloads faster. I believe most (if not all) modules are available via Steam as well, they just get released somewhat later compared to standalone version. Another note - licences purchased on Steam can be used in standalone install, but NOT the other way around. There's no physical distribution of DCS products (nor could there be, realistically, because DCS with all modules installed is a 300+ GB product and there are no pendrives that big yet ).
  9. Just extract the "mods" folder from downloaded zip to your main DCS directory (or to your relevant JSGME/OvGME mods location if you use these, then enable it) and that's it.
  10. ^ Clearly a mistake in a manual. There never was a CCW rotor version of the Hip (or any other Mil type helicopter for that matter). CW rotors are "industry standard" in Russian designs (apart from coaxial ones of course).
  11. I don't remember how default assignments worked, it's been years since I bought the module and set it up. I do have it now as per your latter question: axis assign -> zoom -> TiR z-axis. Generally, DCS is not 100% consistent about camera limites between various aircraft modules, so differences you spotted are kind of "normal" and require either getting used to, or patient and tedious modding of relevant .lua files ;).
  12. It's a well known problem, which is many, many years old and seems to require a major rewrite of the whole track recording and playback system. Developers are aware, but it's not on top priority list, so it's most likely not going to be corrected anytime soon. It's also a "local problem" to a small extent, because tracks reliability depends not only on module, but player's hardware as well. Thus your experiences with playback of chosen airplane and mission might differ from someone else's experience with the same combo but on different PC. Don't try to save offline tracks of long missions and don't use time acceleration - both increase a probability of track corruption. Also, tracks are not always backwards-compatible with new DCS version number (and if game update brings some flight model changes, they become non-compatible by definition). I've read that starting a server on your PC and connecting to it is a good workaround of the problem, because apparently online tracks are somewhat more reliable. Never tried it, though.
  13. @BucklyWell, you can exploit a bug introduced with 2.7 that makes oil cooler switch stuck in open position if you left-click it in certain way and thus you don't have to hold it. The bug doesn't seem to affect radiator switch, though, but 50% of what you ask for is better than nothing, right?
  14. Wait until you want to use WEP in the -51, or you want to takeoff in hot weather with rads in auto and you'll change your mind quickly :D. Seriously though, yes, keeping the engine healthy in -47 is a much more labour-intensive in DCS compared to Mustang. Partially because of questionable simulation of some things (prop and engine redline), but partially because of historic reasons - lack of manifold pressure regulator, fully manual operation of all flaps, gills and whatnot... The engine is bulletproof as long as you don't exceed limits (52" dry, 64" wet, 2700 RPM, all temps in green), but doing that is such a chore. Mustang is just more ergonomic and semi-automated all around.
  15. @nachinus I'm a TiR Z-axis zoomer in all modules as well. I guess you're talking about the invisible limits when trying to look sideways / down etc., right? Forward-look Z-axis zoom is impressive, but only this one, so for a quick workaround which doesn't involve editing files, you can always lean-zoom first while looking ahead and then turn your head in intended direction. Probably not convenient in combat, but still...
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