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[RESOLVED] Mark points do not turn on the radar display


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Yes, that's something definitely odd here. It looks like the VTB "moves" horizontally instead of vertically when approaching the waypoint. I recorded a video showing this, but I'm afraid it's too big to be shared here.


However, according to RAZBAM, is already fixed for next update

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 Проблема появилась при последнем обновлении.

Проблема в том, что учитывается только географическое положение самолета (координаты), но не учитывается направление полета. Mk 1 на экране радара расположен примерно по направлению 290 градусов, что соответствует направлению полета. Ранее Mk1 находился бы прямо по курсу движения самолета.

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Yes. The problem appeared on the last update. The problem is that only the geographic position of the aircraft (coordinates) is taken into account, but the direction of flight is not taken into account. Mk 1 on the radar screen is located approximately in the direction of 290 degrees, which corresponds to the direction of flight. Previously, the Mk1 would have been directly in the direction of the aircraft.

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