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So when I write a multicrew mission, how do I find out the names of the players who do NOT control the plane?


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I'm trying to write a short script that will log the names of everyone aboard a multicrew craft (UH-1) when a certain event happens (usually take-off and landing, so I can see who survived, and tally their scores).


Now, what I thought to be quite simple turned out to be a fool's errand: there seems to be no way for me to determine any crew's names other than the one who is controlling the unit: 

  • coalition.getPlayers() returns the UNITS that are controlled by players, no player object (that seemingly does not exist)
  • unit.getPlayerName() returns the name of the player who controls the unit, no-one else


So, is there any other way I can determine who is aboard the unit, or are all players who do not control a unit invisible from the standpoint of the game? Is there perhaps a player API that I'm not aware of?


Thanks for any pointers,



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3 hours ago, Grimm said:

What did you end up doing

From all that I know it's currently impossible to find players that are multi-crewing as non-PIC while the mission is running. I'm hoping that future changes to DCS will make that information available. As it stands right now, not even a forthcoming 'addCommandForUnit()' will be able to resolve that - we need an additional field in the event table for the player_enter_unit table that tells us which station, plus changes to the API for getPlayer() and getPlayerName()

3 hours ago, Los said:

DML should be your friend

DML is you friend 🙂  - but it can't (yet) perform miracles. The playerScore module keeps track of all players, but - due to the issue I'm still trying to resolve - awards a score/feat only to that player who is in control. A non-controlling crewing player (let's say gunner or co-pilot in a Huey) will currently not receive any awards, just the pilot.

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