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I Noticed ILS BUGS in relation to wind direction.  Wind speed setting  more than 6 kts and parallel to RWY.

For example AL Dhafra.  ILS works against wind & Runway in use. 

RWY 13 L  has 128 degs True/126 Magnetic.  Wind NAV set to 130 degs.  ILS 111.10 works fine.  But landing must be against ATC runway in use. 31. 


Same with RWY 31 R   308T/306M.    ILS 109.10 MHz works fine  but landing is with wind from my back. 310 degs NAV. Downwind landing.


It is the most important to fix. AL Dhafra is important AFB in the region. Should fuction well.




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Correction & adjustement. ILS BUGS


All Caucasus ILS function correctly. 

Persian Gulf:

Al Dhafra ---    RWY  13 L ILS 111.10    function only when wind is towards runway  ( inverted wind-ILS direction relation )

                         RWY  31 R  ILS 109.10  same as above.

                         RWY 13 R  ILS 108.70  do not function at all, no matter wind direction.

                         RWY 31 L  ILS 108.70  as above.  Channels 24 and 48 (probably ICLS do not function at all: Hornet UFC says: ERROR )

Khasab ---- Well done ! RWY 19  ILS 110.30 function well at any wind directions, even downwind.

Fujairah ---- works fine, but there are similar obstacles: mountains. ILS shoul be excluded from ILS-wind relation just like Khasab.


Dubai    --- ILS RWY 12 L & 30 R function well, but...

                                  RWY 12 R ILS 109.50 do not function at all. No matter what wind is.

same with opposite RWY 30 L ILS 111.30 do not function at all.


I will test Syria later


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Syria ILS BUGS update

Beirut Hariri             -- RWY 16 ILS 111.10  don`t function.    ILS RWY 17 is OK

Bassel AL Assad     -- RWY 17R ILS 109.10  Only Localiser function. Glide slope do not. What is interesting... Opposite 17R direction  35L Localiser function also. Even when downwind.


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I can't understand that wind shall determine use of ILS...............

1. You use ILS to land when visibility is below limit for landing with visual references

2. With strong tailwind not allowing direct landing with help of ILS You use ILS for breaking clouds followed by Circling Approach

3.You also make ILS landings for training purpose in order keep up Yuor skill


I have sent several posts about this but it seems that my post is difficult to understand

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