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  1. That's NOT TRUE....Lowest height over water 10 m and over ground 20 m.
  2. I flew SF37 and SH37 in Swedish Airforce 78-79.
  3. In IRL i used BRÄNSLEREGL.MAN according to Engine Failure Checklist for restarting engine after Flame-Out. In pos MAN You bypasse Fuelcontrol and feed fuel directly from tank to engine. In this configuration You have to handle thrust carefully not to get Engine Stall. Conclusion: BRÄNSLEREGL shall be set to AUTO in normal flight condition and it is not correct configured in HB Viggen but still a BUG. Why not end this discussion by fixing the BUG...??
  4. Here is the SX on Right wall
  5. Fuel Regulator Sx shall be set in AUTO not MAN. You use i according placard on FWD Left Wall .
  6. in addition to this above You have the Inverted "T" on HUD assisting You not to get Tailstrike in T/O and landing
  7. Flew Multiplayer Mission in Syria and when on ground for rearming no "COPY" from Ground Crew. When opening Canopy all worked as expected It is not recomended to open Canopy when engines running as the sealing can be damaged so in future with this "update" the best is to shut down engine when trying to rearm. Hope this Downgrade will be corrected in next Upgrade
  8. I found this in page 339 in the manual...... "Altitude warning light. Regardless of release mode (ANF or NAV/ SPA) the light will be lit with a solid light in case a CK error or Primary data error (primary pitot system). In mode ANF, the light will be lit if: • Target position (Bx8) not defined • Set course change is > 135° • The sum of the ordered course changes is > 135° • Missile time of flight to the self-destruct point (Bx 9) is < 30 seconds. In all these cases, release is inhibited when the altitude warning light is lit"
  9. Thanks for info..... We will use Quick Release until further.......
  10. The problem occurs when You will adjust positions of Bx8 and Bx7 and You press T1 with result erasing of previous inputs......
  11. With the "new" update unable to perform a RB Attack with T1/TV function to make a fix on BX8 target end set waypoint for BX7. Seems that TV function for updating of Radar fix is not working when Bx8 is shown in Destination Window To use RB15 You have to use Quick Release Mode. Looking Forward NEXT UPDATE
  12. Your Question is not stupid it is adequate....... Next generation RB-15 with name Gungnir will be used against Sea and Land Target https://monch.com/fia-saab-gungnir/
  13. In most updates You have to recheck key bindings and as Mr_sukebe wrote it doesn't take long time One minor issue is the black square when using VTB but that I hope will be fixed in near future M-2000C is in my opinion the best plane together with AJS37 in DCS
  14. I have send several posts about the poor Landing light and too bright Anti-Collission light and the degradation of EP 13 . Most of my remarks have been fixed and You can now fly Viggen around the clock as we do in NOSIG
  15. Thanks Myse....hope to see You some Time in Cyberspace.....Flying in NOSIG....:))
  16. Where can I find updated Airbase numbers for Syria....??
  17. In DCS we land on Road-bases and it is no problem with Viggen Do not use brakes drect after touch-down only reverse with full power then add brakes carefully and if drifting release brake power
  18. In WAYPOINTS Sochi was Number 6 and I selected 6 as destination in 4YA Caucasus (You have Sochi as Number 1) CP: 0620 PD 030 FQ 111,10 Can You describe Your Set-UP so I can test it Join 4YA Server Caucasus and fly approach Sochi As You write I am doing something wrong (Added Sochi values below) IMG_20210620_0001.pdf
  19. No luck in Open Beta but as it works in STABLE its fully OK As You can see there is no Dashed line or full box and if you activate approach You will be directed to the North... With stable working no problem for me Can it be some settings in ME...?? Thanks for Your quick answer...:)
  20. Strange....after last update everything works OK now.... 2 successsful approaches at Sochi 1 -*- approach at Damascus
  21. I have made several TRAINING approaches with all set and got BOX in HUD and dashed line and everything was OK... In MULTIPLAYER f.ex. CAUCASUS 4YA i tried the approach at SOCHI.. ILS: 111.10 , CP: 0620, PD: 3.0; SOCHI at destination No luck... The Box in HUD deviates to NORTH, NO dashed line.. The Deviation Barrs on HSI shows on centerline and on glide Can anyone explain what I am doing wrong pls......
  22. The HUD Box points to NORTH when ILS is not correct set-up in ME, It is not a waypoint to Airfield
  23. Thanks for Your explanation and as You wrote we have to learn and live with it... I fly with NOSIG, a Swedish group and I use their server for ILS training, direct landing and ILS with Circling approach to opposite runway brgds/ Scandfox
  24. Now all is clear...Thanks for Your help
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