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SSE getMissionName and getMissionFilename


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I am currently playing around with the scripting environment for DCS on a dedicated server, that I'm hosting locally to test, and have registered some callbacks. I have noticed that these callbacks all work fine and are logging to the log file as expected.


When I add the getMissionFilename or getMissionName functions, however, the callbacks, that I add these function calls to, stop logging with no errors being logged.


'Here's what I currently have

local dcsexporter = {}

function dcsexporter.onMissionLoadBegin()
    net.log('[DCS Exporter] onMissionLoadBegin ' + DCS.getMissionFilename())

function dcsexporter.onSimulationStart()
    net.log('[DCS Exporter] onSimulationStart ' + DCS.getMissionFilename())

if DCS.isServer() then
    net.log('[DCS Exporter] Adding DCS Exporter Hooks')
    net.log('[DCS Exporter] Running as Server')


If I remove the concatenation and the GetMissionFilename calls then everything works fine.


I would appreciate if somebody could point out exactly what I'm doing wrong.

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String concatination in lua is two periods. If you use + it is assuming it is adding two numerical values. 


net.log('[DCS Exporter] onMissionLoadBegin ' .. DCS.getMissionFilename())

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