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Alternate behaviour of "radio" keyboard shortcuts


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This idea came to mind couple of moments ago, but it might be an elegant solution for a problem I'm sure I'm not the only one having.


Simple example. You are flying F-16 (can be any plane in DCS) and you have bound Radio1 to key "XY". You are also flying in MP and you have bound in SRS to use Radio1 on same key "XY" with idea to use same key for both ingame radio options and SRS in order to not have to use separate SRS and ingame radio buttons. This is one thing I really like and would really like to keep it that way. I don't want to use different keybinds for SRS and ingame radio and I don't want to have to use modifiers for that.



When using same key for ingame radio and SRS, when you actuate that button you start transmitting in SRS but you also get that radio menu in top right corner.


Possible solution:

Implement mechanism that works on short/long press of radio buttons. If you just short-press that button "XY" radio menu pops up regularly, and on SRS you just get that momentary TX (not much harm there). On the next short-press of button "XY" radio menu closes, and on SRS you just another momentary TX.


However, if you press and hold button "XY" (for example longer than 0.5 seconds) radio menu doesn't show up and on SRS you do your normal transmission and talk on a radio while using actual radio button that was meant for it.


In that way, we get to keep current ingame radio menu functionality on simple keypresses, but when that key is pressed continuously you don't get the radio menu in top right corner as the button is used for voice transmission instead of ingame radio menu


Reasoning behind idea:

- Main reason behind this is to be use actual radio switches from the aircraft to work for ingame radio menus and SRS without much interference. It is slightly annoying to use button to transmit something on SRS and you get left with that radio menu in top right corner.

- Another reason is that this might be useful mechanism to have when ED finishes up its own VoIP that is supposed to work on actual tuned frequencies/channels. With that, you could only use single button on your keyboard/HOTAS/button box/whatever for ingame radio menu and for voice transmission.

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