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Operation Piercing Fury mission 10 - what am I missing ?

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Hi all, 

i love the campaign Operation Piercing Fury and have played through it twice a couple of years ago. That was probably 2.5.4 or something. 

Im running the stable 2.5.6 with latest patches and I’m aware of the hiccups with mission 3 and 9. I have fixed those with the updated .miz files

The mission 10 appears to stop doing anything after I get the co ordinates for the first targets in the town and me and the rest of the 4 ship blow the hell out of them. I then fly around like a lemon with nothing to do. I tried labels on to see if I was missing a hard to reach target, saw 4 x GRAZ vehicles set way over to one side near a hill, blew them up too. Then as nothing again happened story line wise I flew over to the town being bombarded by friendly AI to help out there too. Still nothing 

I have run through with the updated A10c II also, and the same thing happens 

it must be me surely - there is something I’m doing or not doing that affects this mission. ?????

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EDIT: I did just find that there was an update for the campaign which seems to include updates for 3 missions, including 14. I'll give that a try. Sounds like it could be an issue with the enemy AI getting stuck in the trees and not triggering the next event.


Anyone having issues with Mission 14? It's the one where you have a long flight into Russia and there are 2 camps on either side of a town which your guys are infiltrating for a hostage rescue.


I get out there. Get all the radio messages to hold, hold, hold. Then once they get into the town I get the green light to attack with guns and rockets. Good guys throw some red smoke to designate targets. I end up killing all red targets in that town but nothing else happens. I even take out the AAA trucks in Camp 2 (which a flight of F-16's was supposed to take out) after which I get a message that the F-16's finished their mission and are RTB. Other than that, there's a line of enemy vehicles leaving Camp 1. With no other instructions I kill those off too. At this point all red forces are dead but I never get anything else. Seems like I'm missing a trigger of some sort.


I've flown this same mission probably 6 times now but just can't seem to get past the point of Blue forces asking me to kill the red forces in the town using guns and rockets...


What am I missing? TIA

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