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A little tired of having to modify textures and files


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Various themes. First of all, I am very grateful for the improvements to DCS in version 2.7. But I want to mention several issues. The first one, whenever something goes wrong, we are suggested to uninstall unofficial modifications and here I see a problem. When almost two years ago, users report that Huey's paint is too bright and Eagle Dynamics doesn't fix it, users are forced to (modify) internal files to suppress that gloss. When Eagle Dynamics does not offer the textures of an Iranian F-14 or a Moroccan F-16, customers are again forced to modify the internal files. I just cleaned and repaired the DCS to keep the simulator free of external bugs, but now I have that horrible sheen on the UH-1H and aircraft textures are missing, such as the Iranian F-14 or the Moroccan F-16. One suggestion, fix the essentials and the customer will have no need to modify files and textures. For me it is important that each country has its own texture, especially if it is an aircraft in service in that country.

Another issue is that there are only three countries that have infantry and I would like to have a modern generic model for each country with its identifying flag on the shoulder, I don't think I'm asking too much.


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You should never directly modify files in the installation directory. Use a mod manager, such as OVGME. I've been doing this for years, with zero issues, but I go and check for file changes between updates and adapt my mods accordingly. Just uninstall the mods prior to an update/repair and then modify them as required and re-enable them.

As for cockpit and livery textures, install them through the Saved Games folder and they won't be affected by updates, assuming the description.lua files don't change for the original liveries.

As always, the use of mods is optional and you use them at your own risk. I also want ED to fix specific issues so I don't have to rely on mods, but until they do, I accept that I either need to wait or carefully use mods.

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