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AI that don't pursue you for 15nm as you're bugging out


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Per newsletters and changelogs it was my understanding that the WW2 AI logic was reworked so that they wouldn't doggedly pursue aircraft that are bugging out.


This appears not to be the case, at least when the AI is chasing a player or client. If a player/client gets hit, and bugs out, diving to the deck and screaming towards friendly fighters and AAA at 350mph, the enemy AI will stay on your 6 for 15 bloody miles and chase you down until you're dead if you have taken any damage at all. Even on Rookie, the lowest possible AI setting, with this behavior in combination with their ace-like accuracy, WW2 single player is frustratingly impossible for any player below expert skill level, or without perfect SA to avoid getting hit. The new damage model is fantastic and allows so many survivable hits, but the AI are such jackasses that they won't let you surive any hits where you would have realistically been able to bug out, as a human enemy would know better than to tunnel-vision on a fleeing enemy, without his own wingman support to watch his 6.


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It is very challenging to do such function that AI wouldn't chase you. As we don't really have "AI" (in sense of program that would use small logical elements to build a complex "logic pattern" that has sensible idea) but just a pattern that is utilized and hence is called as "AI" for the most loosest definition.


As one bugging out from fight would need to be recognized first by the AI that it is as such and not as a extension to come around.


That would require to understand that what is another reason to get out or return to fight.


Even as how simple the question "Does he return to fight?" really is, it is very challenging to question as by AI from a player that has no status swtich "RTB" activated that a another AI would read it and know that it is not returning by any means.


Decision that is it sensible to even chase one, and how long it could be done is again very complex one.


Questions needs answering like:

- What benefits does it bring to chase one?

- does the fuel limit it?

- is there a risk to deviate from flight path 

- what was the original mission? 


Like example in the recent Fighter Pilot Podcast it was well explained what difference is between USAF Wild Weasels and Navy practicing, where Wild Weasels go to kill the enemy air defense to make area clear for future missions, while Navy just goes to protect the strike package for limited time period and doesn't care about anything else (doesn't go hunting targets) as only mission is that package gets "in and out" that time.


So how you would write a logic that would make that decision for a AI? Does it chase one fighter or does it let it go?


That requires that ED should rewrite DCS core of units behavior (very much required) where units groups are removed, no more waypoints attached to groups or units (leave them for air units for missions) and no more triggers on them or so. Basically they need to rewrite and cut compatibility to every single mission ever made. 





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Two variables could be coded whereby the AI checks:


1. Is the player damaged? Yes = not extending to reengage, bugging out, disengage. No = Press. 

2. Is my wingman within x distance of me? Yes = Press. No = target fixation leaves me vulnerable, disengage.


These are reasonable decisions a human pilot would make, and are reasonable binary checks that could be coded. 



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