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Question on audio Dacs?


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Ok so in the Vive Pro 2 thread in discussing audio solutions, getting an audio dac was mentioned.

I hate to say that is all new to me.

I did a search and saw several results listed for dacs. 

I am wondering if one of those might be better for me?


A little background. I have always preferred running earbuds either to my VR headset audio jack or more preferably now to my onboard Creative sound jack for my motherboard.  I have owned Rift, Rift S, Quest, Index, and soon (tomorrow) I will have  the new Vive Pro 2. 

I prefer the earbuds as it does great isolating ambient noise and I feel more immersed in the game that way. Plus by using my onboard Creative sound I have all kinds of adjustments I can make to get the sound where I like it best.


Now it has been mentioned I could get a Dac and plug it into the Vive Pro 2 headset USB-c port. Would this method give me as good or maybe even better audio than I am currently getting with my setup? I enjoy deep rich sound with good bass. So one can just plug a dac into a usb port and automatically have audio? Would I have access for adjustments to audio?


Thanks for any tips, I am truly a dummy on this.

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