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  So a while back I saw a guy asking about his game randomly dropping to desktop, and he couldn't figure out why. I can't find him now, but I found a possible fix, if you're still floating around out there.






  Last night, my dad described a gradually worsening scenario where games were almost unplayable because he would CONSTANTLY drop to desktop. He thought it was the monitor freaking out and not holding resolution, or a variety of other things. Seemed to be unsolvable, but was exact same symptoms this other guy described.


  He frequently uses CCleaner to clear registry, but one day he decided to try a thing called Glarysoft (registry cleaner similar to CCleaner). It turned up a large number of entries related to ''altered key commands'' (his memory of the wording was hazy, but it seemed keyboard related) and after backing up the registry, he allowed it to do its thing and remove them. Miraculously, all the issues he had been having suddenly stopped.


  Most of these ''gaming devices'' can be reprogrammed on the fly via hotkey, and if you're not aware of it, you could possibly unintentionally create screwed up macros that cause erratic behavior. We now believe this is what happened with his gaming keyboard, that he accidentally created and was triggering macros and that the registry clean ''wiped'' them, restoring normal functionality. CCleaner did not detect this aberrent reprogramming, but GlarySoft evidently did.


  Maybe it will do somebody a solid some day.

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