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DCS: Mosquito FB VI Early access FAQ


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  • ED Team

Hello all,

below is some of the most frequently asked questions and known issues for our early access launch.

Where can I find the latest information on the DCS: Mosquito FB VI?

Follow this thread here for all the latest updates: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/783-dcs-mosquito/


What Armament will be available for the DCS: Mosquito FB VI?

  • 4 British Browning .303 machine guns
  • 4 Hispano Mk.II 20mm cannons
  • 250lbs and 500lbs bombs in the bomb bay and under each wing

    Later in early access
  • Rockets



Can we choose different fuse settings for bombs in the Mosquito?

We are redesigning how fuses are chosen and used in DCS World; this is a core feature for the entire game. When complete, it will allow delay and other fuses to be used on the Mosquito; however, this is not specific to Mosquito development.



Is this an Early Access Module?




What Can I expect to have on the initial release?
The following features will be available at the start of Early Access:


  • Highly detailed and accurate external 3D model

  • 6 Degree of Freedom, fully clickable cockpit with latest visual effects

  • Flight dynamics based on official reports, our own CFD research, and pilot feedback

  • Detailed fuel system and optional external tanks

  • Authentic electrical system

  • Complete hydraulic and pneumatic system

  • Propeller feathering

  • T1154 (transmitter) & R1155 (receiver) radio units

  • An internal structure-based damage model

  • Some of the most famous historical skins



What isn't working right now in Early Access?

See the end of this FAQ for a current known issues list.


How long will the discount last?

Once the product goes into early access, the price will go back to full price.


Why is the pitch so twitchy?

There is a great video about the Spitfire found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gs2m-xlyK7o

In general, the same principles apply to the Mosquito, big surfaces and most users have a joystick much shorter than the real thing. Due to the way the Mosquito control column is constructed, you may find that you need a larger curve on the pitch axis tuning than you need on the roll axis. 



Where is the guide?

You can find it in your \Mods\aircraft\MosquitoFBMkVI\Doc folder. This document will continue to grow.



Why do the engines stall with light negative g?

The carburetors on this aircraft are not great - if you fly with too much negative or zero g it can really affect the fuel flow. Be mindful of this as it can get you in a bad place if done at the wrong time. This will be tuned in future updates. 



Why are my controls unresponsive?

Make sure that you do not have Game Flight Mode enabled in Options/Gameplay.



Why does the pitch axis not move fully forwards/backwards in flight?

The Mosquito has very large control forces on the pitch axis due to airflow, and you will have reduced control column movement as speed increases.



Why does only one crew member bailout?

When you issue the bailout command, only the crewmember you are playing as will bailout. You can press F1 twice, and return to control the second crew member. The navigator only has limited control of the aircraft, so you may want to hit CTRL-E again and vacate the cockpit rapidly.


Are there any instructional videos?

Yes, you can find some here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHgijhjZxUg&list=PL56M8zQ0bxUPDYc5O9yFmewanpR3jILF-



I can’t use some controls?

Some controls need to be accessed from the Navigator/Observer Seat -, you can switch to this seat by pressing ‘2’ on your keyboard, and switch back by pressing ‘1’. Make sure to check out the tutorial missions which explain all of this.


Also, the navigator can not access controls on the pilot’s side of the aircraft.


Is the Damage Model enabled, and is it using the new Damage model?

Yes, the new Damage Model is enabled, but because it is early access there could be some tuning that needs to be done. As well, the Mosquito is the first module using our new dynamic bullet hole tech. It's very early in the development of this, so the module uses this and our standard decal system. We will have more info on this in the future.



Is Multi-Crew available?

Yes, this is available, and still being tuned for Early Access.



Is there AI like Petrovich?

This is planned for later on in Early Access


When will the template be released?
Template will be released at full release


Steam price is currently different?
Please note we are waiting for steam to adjust the price for early access
Price will be $49.99 once changed which includes the early access discount



Known Issue List:

- Erroneous fuel leak messages in the briefing at the start of a mission.

- Wing bombs will not release from aircraft that start from the ground in multiplayer. 

- Some parts may not visually separate from the aircraft when damaged.

- The damage visuals are still a WIP

- Overhead emergency exit hatch is not yet functional

- Radio navigation equipment is WIP

- The onset of fuel starvation on negative g will be further tuned. 

- The overheating model is still a WIP, as such you may see cues associated with overheating when this is not the case.

- Navigation lights can show below the wing when spectating other aircraft. 

- Possible to see a missing texture on landing gear indicator lights.

- Game crash when Client mosquito is set to late activated.

- Identification lights are displayed incorrectly

- Wheel chocks are functional, but they are not visible

We hope you enjoy the Mosquito and thank you for your passion and support

The Eagle Dynamics Team

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