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Help!!!! 666 at the postcounter!


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Good one! :thumbup:


Reminds me to bring my old CD's and Vinyl's out of the cellar and catalog them in my mp3 collection.

Edit: BTW I had the opportunity to met Bruce and Steve twice (!) .

And not in a concert -

No- in a bar and talk about T-shirt printing.


Yes -you are right: I'm blessed ! :D


And we also talked about Aviation and Flightsimming - Bruce is Pilot himself.

OK - he might not remember anymore: it was late:beer:.

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It was Mon 17 Nov 2003 - GER/Hannover in a hotel at the Airport.

Once before their concert.

To show them first examples of printings and then after Their concert at the "Eilenridehalle" to show them the finished One.

And then we stayed the night...


I worked in Hannover as textile printer/color separation maker..... And the company where I worked was involved in the European merchandise.


And I wasn't able to visit the show - I had to work!


But I saw them already 4 times anyway.

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