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Trouble with download version of Flaming Cliffs


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So, I purchased flaming cliffs from the website, and got a file called "LO_1.1b_Flaming_Cliffs_Setup.exe" It is a tiny little 16 KB file, so I imagine it is supposed to install the downloader to get the whole 250MB Flaming Cliffs.


When I open it, however, I get one of two warnings:


Either a)




or b)




I have put in a request for help from the support staff, but I am impatient and so am hoping someone here knows what I am doing wrong.


thanks for any help anyone can offer.





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have downloaded it 3 times..then I thought to try the Russian mirror. Turns out the American mirror for the download was the problem. Thanks for your help timbob.


The site admin ought to fix the link or remove it.


So frustrating that the links provided for a PAID FOR PRODUCT do not work. If it were freeware I could understand, but there is really no excuse for selling someone a product on a mirror that isn;t actually there. Poor show ED.


Thanks again for your help timbob. Your post told me that the file was not supposed to be 16KB, and prompted me to try the other mirror. These companies charge money for stuff that only sometimes works, and then it is up to conscientious community members such as yourself to clean up their mess (10 hours have passed..still no response from customer support). Happens too often in the PC gaming world.

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Thank you for fixing the USA mirror, as the Russian mirror had a very slow download speed nd kept stalling. First try iot got to 53 MB and quit. Tried again and it got to 12 MB and quit.


Currently I am at 190MB from the fixed American Mirror. Thanks for the quick response today..(I guess my messages all came after bedtime last night)


Thanks to everyone who helped me and to the ED team for fixing the problem now.


~S~I am off to Flame some Cliffs?

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